This week I am  in Mexico City at the 2023 Global Forum of Direct (Deliberative) Democracy.
This event, held over eight days, will host 1000 participants from over 100 countries and is heralded at one of the most urgent democratic gatherings of its kind ever.
The stakes are high for this Global Forum. Authoritarianism, election deniers, and autocratic systems are posing new challenges and difficult questions for democracy. In the process, the very meaning of democracy is changing and expanding.
Forum discussions will include the changing nature of democracy, populism, mechanisms of inclusion, authoritarian leadership,  public policy and legislative changes, youth involvement, human rights, and digital gaslighting,
As part of the experience we will spent two days visiting democracy practitioners in the regions around Mexico City talking about  social movements, activism and mechanisms of local development.
I will blog and post what I am learning, observing and coming to understanding throughout the event. Folks in PR can ask questions or make comments that I will then take back to the discussion the following day. At least that’s the dream.