We are at a transition point in human history and the way we live, work and govern will change significantly.  If we are to effectively meet future challenges we must begin to think about models of community participation that draw on the strength of our diversity across dividing lines of culture, religion, politics and economic status.

THIS IS THE STORY of a grassroots nonpartisan group of everyday people interested in developing a framework for community participation and collaboration. The idea grew out of a series of engagements at Vancouver Island University called Building Collaborative Communities that focused on ways to:

  • build communities of trust
  • create space for open dialogue
  • recognize the marginalized voice
  • address issues in  a fair and balanced way
  • mobilize collective thinking
  • bring accountability to sustainable practices.

Imagine Powell River (IPR) is the result of a commitment among participants to continue the work.

This blog will be a forum to share  experiences and  materials in hopes that over time we can all do it better.

imagine powell river